The Handicapped Avenger.  Seeking a better world where folks don’t cheat the disabled.

People who cheat bother me.  And people who cheat the disabled... well, they really bother me.  So I decided to do something about it.  Expose them.  Politely.  Because I believe people are inherently good (most, anyway), and if it’s made clear how rampant this problem is, folks will change.  Like Brandeis said, sunlight is the best disinfectant. 

So a few years ago, I grabbed an old camera and filmed some examples of people shamelessly hogging handicapped parking spots.  Those little videos have gotten 16,321 views.  And a couple of them forced change in the local parking signage.  Over the years, folks forwarded me videos they’d made, inspired by HA.  And that’s great.  But we need more exposure; we need to do more.  So we’re expanding our operation.


Working to end the invisibilty and exploitation of the disabled.

* If you contribute films/videos, do not invade anyone’s privacy.  Avoid face shots and black out eyes.  If you submit a video, you are confirming that you control the copyright to that video and you have not violated anyone’s right to privacy, and you take full responsibility for your video.  Be sure not to reveal license plate numbers.

“Making justice handicapped-accessible.”



thebakerman1   I fully understand the whole "you can't always judge if a person is disabled" argument when it comes to parking in handicap spots. But the day I personally witnessed some XXXXXX park in a handicap spot with his little placard, then literally hop out of his car and RUN into the store, then 2 minutes later trot back out and HOP over the door and back into his convertible (top was down), it made me want to take a baseball bat to the bastard's car and beat the XXXX out...

October 2014 - Brentwood CA

This person literally got out, then skipped along to the other side and back, jaywalking twice.

permanent disabled plate

The videos that started it all

(Ok, I wrote that to sound cool.  “Our” operation is really “my” operation.  I’m a one-man band.)  Keep the feedback coming, and keep sending in your videos!*  We’ll start a whole new phase of HA.  [Btw, everyone on these videos is faultless until we can be 100% sure they’re cheating... even though, when someone is skipping to their car, which is hogging a handicapped spot and thus preventing someone with a shattered hip or wheelchair from using that spot, it does make you wonder whether we were all taught the same things about common courtesy as kids.]